lunedì 13 gennaio 2014


Chi ha un account twitter è invitato a partecipare alla tweetstorm contro il "foie gras". Chi non ha un account twitter e vuole partecipare, può iscriversi QUI! L'appuntamento è per il 14.1.14 ore 21.00 in Italia. L'hashtag da usare è #banfoiegras ed alcuni tweet sono specificati nell'evento facebook. E' il minimo che si può fare per contrastare questa crudele e spietata tradizione culinaria. Altra avvertenza: i retweet non vengono contati: occorre usare i tweet consigliati o inventarli a piacere facendo seguire #banfoiegras tutto minuscolo. Di seguito il testo integrale dell'evento che riporta anche petizioni importantissime per la causa.


**Please only say you are going if you are going to take part**
RETWEETS DON'T COUNT - FIRST, get a twitter account
The event is to twitter #banfoiegras (all one word,all lowercase) .You can add anything you want after it like
#banfoiegras TORTURE IN A TIN

Bill Oddie wants end to 'revolting cruel' foie gras production after expose of Gordon Ramsay's supplier #

SONG FOR THE DUCKS #banfoiegras

International tourists support needed: Take Action and urge @KaDeWeBerlin to #
banfoiegras "

#banfoiegras It's illegal to produce foiegras in UK so say NO to UK importing foiegras!

#banfoiegras Israel are going to be the first country to ban foiegras!

There is no nutritional value in foiegras #banfoiegras


Foiegras triggers diseases that people are predisposed to like Alzheimers, CJD and diabetes #banfoiegras

#banfoiegras the ducks suffer!!

@Fortnums please stop selling foie gras it is such a cruel industry. you should not make money from animal torture #banfoiegras


Birds because of their engorged livers, tear out their own feathers and cannibalize each other out of stress.#banfoiegras

Foie Gras Produced by forcing metal pipes down the throats of ducks&geese until their livers become infected with a disease #banfoiegras


#banfoiegras foie gras is a product that is produced in a barbaric way - one reason to ban it -”

Foie gras is unbelievably cruel. Don't line greedy farmers' pockets! €€€€ #banfoiegras FOR DUCKS SAKE

Gordon Ramsay buys cruelty, #banfoiegras

100.000 signatures needed! #banfoiegras

#banfoiegras It's pure cruelty!!

#banfoiegras for DUCKS sake!!

Tell Tesco's to stop selling #banfoiegras abroad

Investigation Team found:Ducks with broken and torn beaks that were covered in blood, Injured, sick, and traumatised ducks #banfoiegras

Two to three times a day,an air pump shoots up to two pounds of corn mush into his esophagus..#banfoiegras

Morrissey attacks Duchess of Cambridge over taste for foie gras #banfoiegras

Some of the birds can no longer stand because their legs can't support the weight of their livers #banfoiegras

#banfoiegras ducks liver swells 10x normal size causing pain

#banfoiegras ducks kept in cages no room to turn around or move

Israel set to be the first country to ban trade of #banfoiegras

It is not necessary to torture geese to provide a delicacy for our table #banfoiegras

#banfoiegras ducks have damaged bleeding throats due to metal rod shoved down

#banfoiegras some ducks don't survive forcefeeding

#banfoiegras boycott Fortnum and Mason for selling foiegras

Pls boycott restaurants & shops like @Fortnums @Harrods that continue 2 sell foie gras #banfoiegras, thank you!

#banfoiegras boycott Harrods,they sell torture in a tin

#banfoiegras **NEW PETITION**

#banfoiegras @Fortnums

#banfoiegras,website that has information about the cruelty of foiegras

#banfoiegras no to selling/trading foiegras in UK

#banfoiegras Andy Murray Says No Foie Gras At His Hotel

Write your own twitters or cut and paste the above tweets but it must have #ban foiegras in it (with the hashtag).If there are enough tweets, twitter will pick this up and they may pick us to trend meaning more people will see #banfoiegras and look it up. This will raise awareness of how foiegras is produced.
My twitter account is nicolabanfoiegras@nicolamacdona38
TIME TO DO THIS WILL BE 18.00-21.00 GMT Here are other time zones"

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